Art of Living – Telluride

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Art of Living – Telluride offers private services for seniors, disabled, and those recovering from illness at any age. Supported by your local physician, we provide care for individual needs. We create a way for you to manage your life.

Yoga of Devotion began this service coming from a background of working with the San Francisco Dept. of Health on stress management issues for employees. Additionally teaching a 12 week pilot program on pain management for the chronically ill, and speaking at The Osher Center for Cancer in San Francisco ultimately laid the foundation for caregiving.  After 10 years of humanitarian work and returning to Telluride (home), Yoga of Devotion was approached by the medical community to start a service locally.

We have additional caregivers, male and female. Our team increases as your needs increase; RN, Phlebotomist, nutritionist, etc. ALL SERVICES ARE CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS. Your doctor is your chief guide, and we work together with you managing your care and helping you continue to live as fully as you wish.

  • Pain Management
  • Meal preparation
  • Daily hygiene
  • Medicine Tray Management
  • Transport Scheduling
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Low impact exercise (yoga, walking, swimming)
  • Home Handrail & bath adaptations
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Vacation Planning w/adaptations onsite)
  • Emergency home systems/alarms
  • Light cleaning, mail pick-up, bill paying
  • Palliative / End of life care

Short or Long-term Services – 415.400.9795 FREE CONSULTATION

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2015 - Breaking both wrists and loosing the ability to do everyday things for myself left me reliant on friends, family, and even strangers. Not being able to get my door open on dome days, doing a load of laundry or even washing my hair became daily struggles that I never could have anticipated at 31yrs old. I am getting better each day, but I cannot thank Angela enough for helping to keep my quality of life in tact. I have clean clothes easily accessible, meals ready for the week, my car parked where it won't be towed, my plant is watered, and my body is clean and smooth. I come home to a clean apartment with washed dishes, a made bed, swept floors, and a sterilized bathroom - things which were invaluable after having two surgeries in one month.

I am so grateful for Angel's help, and her professionalism and grace during our visits. I wouldn't wish such inhibiting ailments or injuries on anyone, but this service has allowed a bit of normalcy and dignity to remain (a very important part) of my life!

May 2016 Great Job Angela!   I think your plans will work great for them (2 Disabled Seniors).  It is so nice that you are helping them both. 
Jamie Hughes  Enrollment Specialist
Volunteers of America  Senior CommUnity Care PACE