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What happens when you are practicing yoga and only concerned with “getting the poses”?

What happens when you cultivate alignment in the body without a corresponding alignment with your soul?

The result is that you align your body with your ego, but not your body with your soul.

When you focus only on the physical alignment, you’re actually helping your ego to grow.

Then when you try to go inward to a truer reality, the ego becomes afraid.

Such a fear indicates that you never really did yoga in the first place – you never united with your soul.

Though you may have become accomplished, fit, and firm, you have not done yoga, but just exercises”.

Quote by Mirra Palkhivala & highly supported by Yoga of Devotion/Bhakti Asana.

Private Consultation – Adults & Youth

1hr – $75

1-2hr – $145 up to 4 guests

1hr groups – $370 up to 10 guests

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Private Services
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