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September 2016.
The Al-Gamal Family of the UAE created a Legacy in remembrance of their son Ali who transitioned late 2014. Their generous donation built the website  (, which tells the story of Kevin, Ibrah, Mongo, Bobby, and Ras. The donation also provided an art showing in Nairobi, business cards and flyers, laptop for correspondence, painting materials, a trip to Diani Beach, and safe shelter. The Art Boyz however had a difficult time adjusting to life out of the slums,  still they are doing well. Ali Al-Gamal was an artists and a musician. In an unpredictable way, his legacy has been completely fulfilled. A documentary short was screened April 7, 2018 at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

RESULTS: All but 1 have moved out of the slums
Kevin – Trained at a Diani Beach resort as a Chef and selling his art to tourist on the beach. He is now finishing his High School Diploma with sights on a business, a cafe!
Ibrah & Mongo – Creating music on their MacBook Pro in addition to selling their art.
Bobby & Ras – Finished their Apprenticeship at Banana Hill Gallery.
Ras is finishing High School and actively selling art. He completed his first self portrait which sold for $2500. Ras is actively looking to purchase 8-10 small huts and become a landlord. He can earn up to $240/month from these rentals, investing further as more huts become available for sale.

We are fundraising for $25,000 to purchase land for the Cafe and permanent housing for two of the boyz (Kevin & Ras).  This amount will include research for PhD dissertation on the benefits of poverty reduction through entrepreneurship.