TREGGER – “YOGI OR” – Human Services, 3125 Mission

“Hi, I’m Yogi Or. I look forward to meeting everyone at Human Services and 3125 Mission. I have been teaching, practicing and researching the world of yoga for over 10 years. My lesson’s combine Inyengar, Vinyasa & Vijnana styles, emphasizing dynamic soft movements while maintaining attention to steadiness and accuracy in the asanas. Futhermore, my lessons are based on the harmony between breath and motion, on the natural opening of the body and a healthy accuracy of the poses by each practitioner

200 hour Yoga Certification, Prana Yoga Tel-Aviv 2005-2007
Yoga Therapy Course with Dr. Gil Solberg 2010
Vijnana Yoga Teacher Course with Noga Barkai 2011

CINDY CHANG – Desk Massage Therapist

Hello to my fellow San Franciscans! I’ve been in San Francisco for over 30yrs, moving here from Hawaii to attend college and study Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage and Chinese Medicine. I ran a thriving Healing Clinic on Hayes St. for many years and still use the space for Acupuncture Clients. However, I am happy to serve you right at your Desk with gentle relief of upper body stress. I look forward to taking care of all of you in the offices around the city. JUST CALL Angela to set it up! Until we meet, much peace:)

PEARL HOWELL, Iyengar Trained & Certified

Pearl is ready to teach you and your group in the style of Iyengar Yoga. Well trained, mature, and experienced working with Manuso Manos in San Francisco, she is at your service! Please contact Angela if you’d like to have a test lesson individually or for your own group.

JERRY CUFFEY – Desk Massage Therapist

Hello San Francisco! I come from a corporate background working in Banking for many years. What does this mean? It means I can relate firsthand to the tension you may be carrying in your neck and shoulders at the office. After extensive training, I am a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator. I also hold a degree in Psychology from New York. It is my privilege to serve all of you in the various buildings around the city. I especially look forward to taking care of the Fire Department and EMT’s, where chair massage or full massage is available. See you soon!

MARIA MARTINEZ – Teaching at Opera Plaza

Greetings to all of you at Opera Plaza. I teach yoga to an expansive demographic population, having trained at Frog Lotus Yoga to provide service for adults, children, and bodies of all ages. I studied Kinesiology in San Jose -2001 with emphasis on Athletic Training and Nutrition. I’m smart 🙂 graduated on the Dean’s List Cum Laude, and look forward to sharing all that I have learned with you on the Mat!


ROBERT ALEXANDER – Thai Chi & Massage

T’ai Chi is a series of very relaxed, slow movements that result in excellent balance, muscle control, coordination, and leg strengthening. It is easy enough to learn the form in a few months of consistent practice. It is complex enough to maintain interest in the deepening understanding of the art for decades. Medical studies of T’ai Chi practitioners show an almost limitless range of benefits, from decreased rates of falls to recovery from serious illnesses.

Hi, I’m Robert Alexander, World Champion in T’ai Chi Push Hands. I have been teaching since 1990 and recently competed in forms at the original home of T’ai Chi, Wudang Mountain. I am a respected judge at many tournaments, and active in Kung Fu. I am knowledgeable in many modalities of wellness.

I live in Marin so if you have a group or need private instruction, please contact Angela and she will set you up to work with me!