Correspondence Re: Art Boyz

Sept.24, 2015 – Art Apprenticeship News from Gallery Owner

Hi Angela,
My work with Ras was so good. Just like any of my student i didnt do much talking to allow him to express himself so mine was only to guide where i see the need.

Before we started the class I talked to him on how to be free when he is doing any artwork, then i proceeded on color mixing which i always start with my student by using the three primary colors yellow, blue and red and i explained how the white inter marry the result of mixed colors for highlight.

The reason of training color mixing is because most of the artist especially the up coming cannot afford buying all different colors but when mixing from the three and using color white you can have an outcome of million colors.

This is never taught in many classes but teachers go direct to painting and leave the students stranded when they left to do it by themselves.

After that is when we made a choice of the size of canvas we would like to use of which i chose a small piece. we began on empty canvases both of us applying paint for the background.

It was his first time to use pallet knife and so i could see hard time but he enjoyed it when i demonstrated to him how to use it on creating depth on his painting.

We hard a nice time for more than four hours enjoying painting. I understand the area which he need encouragement and am going to work on it hope in the third class we going to present you with excellent work.

Regards, Shine Tani – Banana Hill Gallery Owner

Oct.5, 2015 – Diani Beach News from Resort Training Manager

Jambo Angela,
I am fine and great to know you had a great time in Diani. I wish you had time to pass by with Kevin. Does he have a job aready at the Coca Cola depot? Is he going to be able to work day and night? 

I am willing to have him trained maybe as a baker or in pastry from 3.00pm to 11.00 pm or 11.00pm to 7.00am sometimes. We can discuss the details with him if he can come over. There are no jobs as such really but you never know, things could change any time.

Thank you for your email. 
Kind regards.

Kifalu Samson Masha – General Manager
Diani Sea Resort – P.O Box 37 Ukunda-Diani Beach-Kenya
Tel: +254 708 875 888/733 520 660

Oct.12, 2015 – Diani Beach, Angela’s response

Jambo Kifalu,
It sounds like the training will move forward beginning Wednesday Oct.14 – Congratulations because you have a good worker in Kevin!

As Kevin is cared for by myself and John (local contact), we ask that you please give us updates on how the training is going. The last job Kevin had, they took advantage of his kindness making him work 10-12 hrs/day with no days off over a period of 30 days. Please keep us informed of the Training Schedule and Days Off.

Since Kevin is making no money during the training, he will have to work odd jobs in order to pay for his room rental nearby.  Is it possible for him to take lunch and dinner during training? it would be greatly appreciated. Please confirm.

Thank you kindly and I look forward to returning to Diani and visiting you and seeing Kevin at work!

Asante, Angela R. Pashayan

Oct.13, 2015 – Diani Beach Training Manager response

Dear Angela,
Thank you for the email above. The training will take off as soon as Kevin brings a medical certificate for food handlers, a personal accident insurance and an application letter with a copy of his passport and passport size photos.

The chef is will to start him off just with the medical certificate. Normally he would be required to bring his own uniform but we have organized something for him. We shall make a proper training schedule for him but this is the hotel industry and we can not have fixed off-days as the occupancies keep varying. 

A kitchen job is a very tiring job and i dont expect that Kevin will be in any way capable of producing any meaningful work to anyone after working in the kitchen. I am seeing that he will not be able to manage to perform. I suggest you and partners look into ways of supporting him fully with the rent. On meals while on duty he will get but i can assure him of dinner if he comes in the morning shift for instance unless its a broken shift. 

Regards, Kifalu

Oct.20, 2015 – Art Apprenticeship News from Gallery Owner, Lesson#1

Hi Angela,
Yes the art lesson was so good, we had a whole day together we couldn’t stop since everyone was in the spirit of painting to a point that Ras was not happy that the day ended also material were running out and he wanted to do another piece. 

Am now happy with the improvement I have seen in them and hope that soon they will see their dream come to reality. 

During the first lesson I realized that Ras like using too much red so in this second lesson I decided to try him by asking him to use different colors  and after all he was so happy that he had done great work on colors he never thought that can bring him joy.

I will talk to them and also i think we can try to put the paintings on stretcher to see the clients response.

Regards, Shine Tani

Oct.19, 2015 – Diani Beach Training, Angela’s follow up

Jambo Kifalu!
I am checking in with you to see how things are going with Kevin’s training? Is he on time? Hard worker? Doing well so far?

Best Regards, Angela

Oct.21, 2015 – Diani Beach Training, Managers response

Jambo Angela,
Kevin is doing fine, will see him today. He has been at the wash up area for the week learning how to clean first. It’s been a very hectic week. 
I will keep you posted.

Kifalu Samson Masha – General Manager
Diani Sea Resort