Place-based development
IMPACT 61,450 lives
10,500 Documentary 
6,000 USA KCC
2,000 Boys&Girls Club 
500 Nepal KCC
450 Hamilton Shelter
2,500 Kibera Art
1,500 Peru Orphans
2,050 Maasai Joy
1,500 Untouchables 
2,500 Indonesia quake
200 Sydney Hospital
5,000 Seva Retreats
1,200 Slum Relocation
2,550 FHH Agri-town
4,500 SF Health Dept.
3,500 UAE Health 
15,000 Expositions


What is Yoga of Devotion?

A non-profit organization devoted to helping children and the poor through poverty reduction programs, entrepreneurship, and wellbeing/health programs.

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Member of:

  • World Affairs Council
  • Sigma Iota Rho IR & Diplomacy
  • U.N. Association of USA
  • NAACP Meritorious Women 2016​
  • Amer. Pol. Science Association
  • Int’l Society of Pol. Psychology


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April 2019
18.6% of the population of Washington, DC live below the poverty line. That percentage is higher than the national average of 14%. An estimated 43.1 million people in the USA live in poverty, and if you add those living “near poverty” the number increases to 100 million Americans. How can we reduce poverty abroad if we cant create effective programs to reduce poverty at home?

August 2018
The IMF in Washington, D.C. recently gave Haiti a $96M loan on the condition that Haiti improve collection of taxes, reduce fuel subsidies and invest in infrastructure, eduction, health, and social services. I know this sound great but it’s not. The Haitian citizens protested and ransacked the city, eventually causing their Prime Minister to resign. Taking away fuel subsidies abruptly causes economic hardship. A crackdown on takes for people that barely make a living wage is equally upsetting.

Place-based Approach: Provide a $96m loan to directly fund infrastructure, new schools, and medical/social service centers. This creates Jobs, increases the tax base. With a gradual reducton of subsidies on fuel, Haitians may not be affected so harshly.

April 2018
 Join me by supporting the final stages of creating the opportunity for sustainability for the ArtBoyz  from the slums of Nairobi.  A Container Home/work space is the goal; one in Nairobi and one in Diani. The Nairobi space will be used for living, art programs, and agriculture training. The Diani space will be used as a tourist attraction offering simple food, art for sale, and chef training for others in the slums.  Need – $150K. Impact 250K+


January 2018 – Carla Ovando, Supporter
Yes!!! I will help you in any way I can… gladly.   God decided you weren’t done with these Boyz  yet… right?  

January 2017 – Board Member, Tomas Marrero
Dear Angela, It is with mixed emotions that I acknowledge  having read your final minutes as you and YOD embark on hiatus…I feel sadness because of the void that will be left by your temporarily shutting down projects via YOD. I feel joy that you  will be pursing a new avenue and perhaps a larger stage for your humanitarian expressions. With your inner strength, kindness,commitment and compassion I know that you will achieve success and continue to serve humanity in your every endeavor. It has been with great pride and pleasure that I have served YOD as a board member and I am ever grateful for the opportunity. I am looking forward to working with you in future humane outreaches.

September 2015- Angela to Deepak Chopra
“I’ll sign yours if you will sign mine!”. Book Exchange at TellurideFirst Wellness Integrative Summit – Telluride, Colorado.

July 2014 – Booksigning attendee Melanie
Finished both of your books…. You are a hoot! What I enjoyed so much while reading your books was your delight in the small nudges and constant reminders in life of the ubiquitous presence of God. And your trust and surrender in situations is a path for me to emulate. The feel of your books is tremendous sweetness. The Seva you give to the world is beautiful. I hope to join you on a retreat sometime/somewhere. Your travel style is a good fit!

June 3, 2013 – Isabel , California
Really good writing-wise woman. I’m not even done with this book yet but I REALLY like her writing style and her intelligence and her straight-forward attitude. Her story is engaging without being self-serving. She is a woman to keep an eye on-someone who’s really doing good work for the right reasons. There is a magical or multidimensional quality to this book that’s hard to explain, but I REALLY like the “vibe”. I’ve had a couple of epiphanies and I’m not even half way done.
I look forward to her future books.

April 11, 2013 – Kamala McLemore, Alabama
Loved this book. This book is as straight forward as it gets. She gives it too you in a user friendly manner. She’s a no messing girl with a lot to teach and a lot to offer to the spiritual world. It’s good to hear from someone that walks the walk and not just talk and talk. She’s a doer in every sense of the word. This book is for the beginner or the advanced student. You will love it’s straight talking, no nonsense approach to what many feel is a very difficult subject to get to grips with. You won’t put it down once you read the opening page.

December 2013 – Joseph L. Holmes Jr.
Thanks Sis for helping me maintain my calm through your book. You really say it all; from what we learned growing up about God & positive thinking, and letting stress go through the breath and the stretches. You said it all in another language and taught us how to use everything to its Maximum. I “get you” now.


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